We aim to retain value by sharing our expertise. We do this with the We Develop Quality (WDQ) campaign, the Annual Q-Park Thesis Award, Thought Leader events, and by participating in industry platforms such as:

  • Danish Parking Association
  • Norwegian Parking Association, and Parking Complaint Team
  • Board member at Vexpan, Stichting Maatschappelijke Projecten Maastricht
  • Member of Communication Partners
  • Member of GBN platform (grote bedrijven netwerk - MVO nederland)
  • CROW, (Dutch technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space)
  • EPA (the European Parking Association)

We Develop Quality

We launched the WDQ campaign in 2018 to share our expertise of car park design and knowledge of the role of parking in making cities more liveable. In this campaign Q-Park ambassadors are encouraged to read and share the articles with their network.

The We Develop Quality goals are twofold, to:

  • Improve top-of-mind awareness of Q-Park’s expertise, products and services among public and private landlords
  • Strengthen the organisation

The articles cover a wide range of topics and form an invaluable knowledge resource in the expertise centre as part of the corporate website.

In total, 32 articles were published under the headings:

  • Customer focus
    • Parking facility design
    • Operations
    • Digital solutions
  • Urban mobility
    • Mobility hubs
    • Social responsibility
    • Parking tariffs
  • Expertise & Passion
    • Future of parking
    • Above & beyond
    • Eco systems

Using the social sharing tool ‘Social Seeder’, the articles were first shared among Q-Park ambassadors who were encouraged to share the articles in their own networks in the social media channels of their choice.


As the year progressed the campaign gained 116 unique Q-Park ambassadors who shared articles in their networks, culminating in an estimated interaction with our target audiences of more than 116,000.