In 2018, Q-Park acquired three parking facilities from the municipality in Venlo: Nolensplein, Maaswaard and Roermondsepoort. This acquisition is part of a broader collaboration to create a welcoming and easily accessible city centre.

The three locations comprise some 1,600 parking spaces and will be upgraded to meet Q-Park’s high standards. The make-over will include new barrier and payment machines, digital information boards at the entrance, and new payment options including contactless payments.

Figure 6 Venlo - digital information board

Given the age of the Roermondsepoort parking facility, in the longer term, Q-Park expects this will be rebuilt when the shopping centre at this location is redeveloped. But as accessibility and hospitality are paramount, rebuilding work will only commence when another new parking facility, Arsenaal, has opened its gates to welcome motorists.

Mobility partner

These three parking facilities and the two facilities Q-Park already operates in Venlo (Maasboulevard and P+R Stationsplein) mean that Q-Park is in a much better position to assist the municipality in the role of mobility partner, thus better serving residents, businesses and Venlo’s many visitors.

Figure 7 Venlo - Centrum Maasboulevard signage