Off-street parking

We are passionate about space, about people and about the living environment. We are passionate about enabling people to move around.

We provide space to park cars at locations where people want to be. At places where they want to walk, cycle, exercise or play sports. Where people want to socialise or just enjoy the surroundings. Places where they can enjoy nature, leisure and culture in its full glory.

Off-street parking facilities reduce the amount of traffic searching for a place to park, which, in turn, has a positive impact on emissions and air quality in city centres.

Wherever possible, we give the public space back to the community and enable people to use space as they see fit. This means that parking facilities are constructed under parks and squares so that cars and coaches are off the streets and out of sight. And this means that public spaces that were previously packed with parked cars can now be returned to the community, improving liveability for all.

The public space in squares and parks that are free of cars because parking is beneath the surface can be used by the local community for a wide variety of activities such as daily walks, weekly markets, monthly events, as well as for annually recurring events such as music festivals and carnival parades.

By moving car parking to underground facilities we create value for public and private landlords, commercial partners, citizens and motorists who recognise that off-street underground parking is an essential link in the mobility chain.

  • By investing in off-street car parks we help maintain accessibility of urban areas.

  • By taking parked cars and bicycles off the streets we help enhance the liveability in cities and towns.


Of our 770 owned, in concession and long-leased car parks, more than half i.e. 427 (55%) are underground.