Parking products

Short-term parking

We serve about 1,000,000 customers every day and most of them just take a parking ticket or use their bank card to access and exit our parking facilities.

Most customers visit us between 2 to 4 times a month which makes it very convenient to just be able to make use of our services without having to register or log in. They can just come and go as they please, knowing that their car will be parked safely near a location where they want to be.

Customers hardly ever plan their trip when going shopping or visiting friends as they know that we have parking spaces available for them. But if they have tickets for the theatre or a concert and they know it will be busy in the car park, then they may want to plan and pre-book a parking space.

For customers who want to plan, or who know exactly where they want to go, our country websites provide pre-booking services and detailed information for navigation purposes. Per car park the website also includes details of onsite services, such as where they can charge an e-car and what the parking tariff structure is so customers can make an informed decision of where to park.


Of our total parking revenue about 75%, EUR 593.6 million, is generated from short-term parking.

Figure 20 Short-term parking offers flexibility and freedom of mobility

Season tickets

We offer a wide variety of season ticket options for our customers who park with us frequently and are looking for a more economic and convenient parking solution.

  • Residents may want a Nights + Weekend product.

  • Employees may want an Office solution, for five days a week from 7:00 til 18:00.

  • Those working in retail may be better served with a 6x24 hour season ticket.

We have season tickets available for a month if customers need flexibility or for a longer period of time for customers who are looking for a better price.


Of our total parking revenue about 25%, EUR 194.3 million, is generated from season ticket sales.

Figure 20 Season tickets offer an economic solution for frequent customers


We offer pre-booking services for our customers via our own sales channels, the country websites.

We also offer pre-booking services for the customers of our commercial partners via their sales channels. By means of APIs we offer integrated solutions for our partners and their customers to combine pre-planned activities. Consider, for example:

  • Booking theatre tickets and an evening parking ticket in one smooth flow;

  • Or booking your holiday and a few days or weeks parking at an airport.

The number of pre-booking transactions grows year on year as well as the number of commercial partners who seek to connect and integrate with our seamless planning-paying-parking solutions.


We have 385 parking facilities offering pre-booking services online.

Figure 20 Pre-booking services online

Figure 21 Pre-booking services for seamless planning-paying-parking partner solutions