Governance, policies, and codes

We have moved all the static information about or governance, policies and codes from the report to our corporate website as this information does not depend on the reporting year.

Changes in CSR reporting

In 2018 Q-Park redefined its CSR strategy together with its CSR partner Sustainalize. We created the Q-Park Liveability Model as the overarching strategic model for Q-Park's CSR activities, through which we can steer our business activities to create value for our stakeholders and society.

We consider improving the liveability and sustainability of cities through our activities to be part of our purpose. We have developed a visual to communicate our CSR strategy in a clear and simple manner.

Based on the new strategic model we have re-evaluated our CSFs, KPIs and targets. As a result, we will not report on some of the existing indicators and we have established new indicators that better reflect our core activities.

In addition to reassessing our strategy, CSFs and KPIs we have also endeavoured to simplify the reporting process and make this more efficient. Much of the information needed can be retrieved directly from our back-office systems which is a major efficiency gain for our CSR reporting.

In 2018 the company was renamed from Byzantium Acquisition MidCo 2 B.V. to Q-Park Holding B.V.

We value your feedback

We value your feedback on our CSR Report 2018 as this will help us to further improve its quality. Should you have any questions or comments, send an e-mail to