Bruul, Mechelen

The unique aspect of this parking facility is that it's built under the inner-ring road, which follows the path of the ancient Roman city walls. It’s ideally located to serve shoppers, business visitors and what’s more, it provides additional train station parking.

Figure 3 Q-Park Bruul under Mechelen Vestenboulevard

Mechelen’s mobility plan

Q-Park Bruul is part of the Mechelen ‘Vestenboulevard’ development and the long-term Mechelen Mobility Plan. By moving the car park underground, Mechelen has been able to create a green pedestrian zone along the inner ring at this axis. Before the underground car park was constructed, the space was used for on-street parking. Now the surface has been redeveloped to form an attractive green recreational park. This enhances the liveability of the area and favours pedestrians and cyclists.

The facility is fitted with LED lighting plus a smart lighting plan with dimming and light sensors. The light fittings run parallel with the driving aisles and are positioned above the parking spaces to improve visibility and wayfinding.

Future proof

This car park represents the future of parking; Q-Park Bruul is not by definition an inner-city car park, but a car park at a ring road. It enables convenient car access balanced with mobility by bicycle and on foot. It creates space for an attractive area on a crucial axis between the main shopping area and public transport. This parking facility is part of a city-wide redevelopment programme to make the city more liveable, attractive and economically viable.

Landscaping and park design by OMGEVING cvba.